Lyric Thermostat During Ohm Hours

rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 14

Now that our Lyric Thermostat is connected with Amazon Alexa and Ohm Connect, the thermostat inaccurately turns on and off during Ohm hours. Last 3 Ohm hours, Lyric turned off 10 minutes, 5 minutes before Ohm hour, and 15 minutes after Ohm hour started. Doers not asppear related to manual scheduling or Geo Fencing. We are in the house when this happens. Anyone else have similar issues?


  • snetphiliesnetphilie ConcordMember, Moderator Posts: 139

    Unfortunately, the age of the smart device is still young. My Nest Thermostat has always worked (Nest has been around for a while though), but other smart devices I own are still a little buggy. Posting about them online, writing reviews on online stores, etc. is a good way to get the manufacturers attention. If bad reviews begin to affect sales, they'll have to either fix the product or abandon it. Sometimes this does mean they come out with a new product and you're stuck with the old one, but this is the life of the early adopters, unfortunately!

  • Amber LambAmber Lamb Kern CountyMember Posts: 27

    funny, I can't get my 2nd gen nest to stay connected, just have to turn it on/off manually.

  • rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 14

    As usual, had to remotely set the Lyric to a higher temp since we were not home. Had hoped the last software push might have improved things.

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