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Home Automation

With so many users incorporating smart devices, I'm wondering how many intend / already have other home automation equipment, what you are using it for, brand, technology (zigbee, X-10...), etc. Please comment here on your choices, experience and recommendations. Thanks.


  • dstjohn99dstjohn99 Member Posts: 371
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    I have used X-10 in the past. Using Smarthome.com software (I think) I set it up to run my Christmas lights on a schedule and incorporated a switch to close my garage door every night if it was open. I had a remote to control several outlets like outdoor lighting. Device costs were reasonable compared to most modern devices, but they always seemed a little low quality. I also had trouble with the signals crossing to the split phase, so I had to install a repeater. The computer running the software finally died and I did not carry the software to my new computer, so I am not using these devices anymore but considering resurrecting some sort of home automation network. I did like that they had appliance outlets and devices that would control a 240V outlet like a car charger. The software was very capable, but a little pricey and cumbersome - which comes with broad capabilities. The platform was open; any devices from any manufacturer could be used.

  • EagleEagle Member Posts: 5
    I used X10 years ago and enjoyed it. Not reliable, but very affordable. I discovered you could buy a 50¢ capacitor to bridge the phases in the panel instead of an expensive bridge. My software wasn't supported after moving to XP and I never upgraded. I have a box of devices I wish I could use. I bought the Tp-link outlets based on feedback in the forums. Easy setup, Kasa is reliable, and my limited programming works reliably. Still having trouble with OC not triggering the shutoff (I can turn them off in the app, but no change in the OhmHour). I just deleted and reinstalled in OC. Currently controlling 2 fridges and outside lights.
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    @Eagle @dstjohn99
    For those that still have a box of X10 devices around....they now have a wifi adapter. You can control your devices from an app on your phone. The only limits that I see are that it only work on the 2.4ghz signal, and it is limited to 32 devices. The app will allow you to set rooms, scenes and schedules. Time to start digging out that box!!

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