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Referral Energy form submitted AND approved, but still bronze?

Amber LambAmber Lamb Kern CountyPosts: 27Member

One of my referrals signed up 8/19 with my excel sheet showing "Date/Time utility enrollment form approved" 8/23. Shouldn't they be silver now? I have not received any points and they are still showing bronze. What else is needed for silver status? (and yes I asked customer service, but they didn't really answer my question).

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  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Posts: 109Member
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    @Amber Lamb I have the same thing going on with the utility form approved. I submitted a ticket to make sure this was sorted out in time to get credit for the Labor Day Referral Contest. @Claudia responded that my referral is showing a conflicting DR program. It's very confusing to have all csv columns showing the referral is good, when there's actually a conflict. Maybe another column to note the DR conflict? Or don't show the utility as being approved until the conflicting DR program is unhooked? The confusion only leads to tickets being submitted and bogging down the OC Support desk.


  • Misti PattenMisti Patten Posts: 17Member

    I am in the same boat. Have one completed on 8/24 that is still bronze yet someone who signed up on 8/28 that is already silver. Also very confused.

  • Amber LambAmber Lamb Kern CountyPosts: 27Member

    I know the approval time for the utility paperwork varies, but weird this was approved but yet still sitting at bronze. Ohm told me to contact the referral and have them talk to them so they could figure it out but this is not possible since I don't know the person. The only thing I can think of is if they are already enrolled in a conflicting program.... I don't see a spot for that on the excel sheet.

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamPosts: 346Member
    edited August 2017

    @Amber Lamb said:
    .... I don't see a spot for that on the excel sheet.

    I think column "i" (Utility enrollment approved) will tell you if there is a problem like enrollment in a competing D-R program.

    Since @Claudia has promised @Misti Patten, in discussion https://forum.ohmconnect.com/discussion/1235/referrals-not-showing-on-csv#latest , that she will have engrg check out Misti's problem, I'd suggest you ask that she include your referrals on that ticket as well.

  • Amber LambAmber Lamb Kern CountyPosts: 27Member
    edited August 2017

    Column I says true. all trues, date approved was 8/21/17. So should have been plenty of time to process ect. by now. Strange. Funny thing is, they are counting that one, in the emails they send me for the thermostat labor day thing, but yet I haven't received the points and they still show bronze. I posted on that discussion so thanks @John K.

  • Amber LambAmber Lamb Kern CountyPosts: 27Member

    Right, I just received an email today stating that particular person just hit silver, so on my excel sheet it used to say form was approved 8/21/17, now it shows 9/8/17. So unsure if it was a conflicting program and they fixed it on the 8th? Just not enough info.

  • Misti PattenMisti Patten Posts: 17Member
    edited September 2017

    Two of my bronze people sent me the following....both are on my spreadsheet as all true with approval dates of 9/1 and 9/5 (yes, I've contacted support but haven't heard back...just saying it is apparently a common issue)

    This is what it shows, everything is green except : #OhmHour payment multiplier- not sure what that is...

    Get Paid

    OhmHour notification

    Device automation

    See local energy impact

    Earn via referrals

    Cashout your savings

    Devices Rebates

    OhmHour payment multiplier


    Utility has approved your enrollment in OhmConnect

    ** Note the last sentence **

    ETA that both these referrals are NOT in a conflicting program and have been approved and earning for Ohm hours.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Posts: 109Member
    edited September 2017

    @ Misti Patten OhmHour payment multiplier is the bonus one gets at Gold or Platinum. Click on this in your Status Level box: Learn the benefits of your status level here.

  • I'm right there with you...I think they need to hold off showing approved if they're in a competitive program because I realize they can't tell us thier in another program for privacy reasons but I know for a fact it bogs down the system since I submit weekly tickets asking for status updates on all of my non silver approved referrals
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