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What happened to "Team" and "Map" in the navigational bar?

q110h12gq110h12g Posts: 3Member

Did anyone else notice that a few nav items are missing from /dashboard? Map is still accessible at: https://login.ohmconnect.com/map, and team is still accessible at https://login.ohmconnect.com/team, but both of these are missing from the navigation bar on the top. Strangely enough you can still see those from this forum page, but not from the actual dashboard, which makes me believe that this is a bug rather than an intended feature. Can the devs chime in here and confirm this?


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  • q110h12gq110h12g Posts: 3Member

    @Claudia said:
    Hello, great catch! Team is actually still available on the menu when you are logged in and at the Silver and above level, please check and let me know if it isn't there for you.

    Maps has been removed from the menu for now while we give it some much needed TLC before relaunching it officially. Feel free to DM me if you have ideas for maps!

    We roll out our changes in waves to make sure there are no issues before a general release but you should no longer see maps on any of the menu bars starting today.

    Ah! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your reply!

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