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Nest not switched off

Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 57Member

Anyone else not have their Nest switch off for the 8/28 ohmhour? (actually ohmcoupleofhours)

Luckily I was at home and caught this shortly after. Also happened to somebody else on my team that I know of with a Nest, so it wasn't just me.


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  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 979Moderator
    @Claudia Any clue what might be going on here? I'd be inclined to say it was account specific if @Richard strange didn't state that he knew of a team member that also experienced this.
  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 57Member
    I heard from another friend on my team with a nest that he lost his streak and got penalized a whole load of points.

    I just checked for the current in progress ohm hour (SoCal 5-7PM event on 9-1-17), and found my nest to still be on 9 mins in. I'm not at home so good job I checked with the app! I cant trust this now as this is the third time, so I'm going to have code something with my Home Automation controller instead to check for this via the URL.
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