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Results for the latest OhmHour but not the one the day before it?

DarrenTDarrenT Posts: 8Member

Pretty new to OhmConnect (signed up earlier in the week). My first OhmHour event was 8/31 from 5-6pm, I definitely participated (didn't opt out) and the results show TBD. That's fine, but what I found strange was my second OhmHour was a day later (9/1 5-7pm) and those results just got posted today.

I think I read another thread on here that this sort of thing should be reported when it happens as it could have been a problem processing the data on the OhmConnect side of things. It would technically impact the results of the latest OhmHour that was just reported, because I would have a streak (albeit a small one).

Dashboard screenshot attached:

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    @DarrenT Welcome and good job.

    Please search the forum for the answer to this question. Simply creating a new thread clutters the space for other users, making it difficult to find definitive answers to questions the OHMConnect team, moderators, and other community members have already responded to. Thanks!
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