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Changing address not working

We moved two weeks ago to our new house, but we cannot for the life of us to get Ohm to update to our new house. I know we have to go into our settings and click "Reload data from utility" and then we're supposed to choose our new address. We've done it a ton of times, but still only our old address shows up. I know our utility has switched over to our new address already, because they sent us a bill about a week ago, to our new address. Haven't been able to get a response back from Ohm support in over a week- their last suggestion was to reload the data, but like I said, we've already don't that to no avail. Anyone else have this problem? We don't know if our Ohm hours will be calculated at our new house or our old one. For now, we've severely limited our number of Ohm hours we'd like to receive, in the hopes that we'll luck out and not lose our streak, but I have a feeling our luck's going to run out soon. Any ideas or suggestions would be great!


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamPosts: 443Member

    Sound like you've done everything you can. I'd suggest you turn off all OH notifications until it is fixed. Otherwise, you will almost certainly lose your streak and status.

  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    @Claudia, is this something you can help with?

  • Lauren6Lauren6 Posts: 1Member

    @christre Did you happen to get this fixed? The same thing is happening to me.

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,049Administrator

    Hi All,
    To change address, you need to "reload data" from your Settings page. If it's still not working, you might not have data on your new account, or there could be a password problem. Definitely check in with support about this.

  • kcrenshaw1kcrenshaw1 Posts: 12Member
    Im having the same issue, but I don’t get the option to connect w/ my ohm even though my address is authorized.
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