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I'm not getting any ohm hour alerts,Why:

I was getting alerts but they have stopped, just wondering why?

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  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 366Member, Moderator

    @r.taylor59.1949@gmail.com said:
    I was getting alerts but they have stopped, just wondering why?

    Based on your question, it's hard to tell whether you aren't receiving OhmHours or simply aren't being notified of them.

    If the former, how long has it been since your last OhmHour, and are you using filters to limit the window of time during which you're willing to receive events? I've gone over 2 weeks without an OhmHour before, so if it's been less than that, it's very possible everything is working as it should.

    If the latter, you might check which types of notifications you're set up to receive in your settings (from the dashboard, click on your username at the top right and select "Settings"). If everything's set up as it should be and you aren't receiving notifications, there may be a bug--you could try searching the forum and/or contacting help@ohmconnect.com.

    Good luck!

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 584Member, Moderator

    I last had one on 9/1 so I'm currently at 10 days. The longest time between #OhmHours for me currently stands at 14 days.

  • I have an ohm today that I found out about at 6:20 when it started at 6 and the only way I found out was by checking the site to see if my TBD had posted
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 584Member, Moderator
    I just found out about my own one via your message. Yikes. First time that has happened. @Claudia there might be a #MUTINY
  • Chris_and_EdenChris_and_Eden FresnoPosts: 43Member

    I found out at 635 because I walked past one of my Nest thermostats, and saw it turned off. None of my connected plugs turned off, and in fact, my other Nest didn't turn off either. I'm on a 34 event streak, I hope this doesn't affect my hard work.

  • Chris_and_EdenChris_and_Eden FresnoPosts: 43Member
    @vetidora_03@yahoo.com I already messaged OhmConnect. It's possible that I might go under my target, but I'm mostly worried about my streak.
  • @Chris_and_Eden I'm worried about the same
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 584Member, Moderator

    OC have been given a heads up and they are already looking into it. Let the dust settle and order will be restored...give it a day or two.

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