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Please, how do you stop seeing the "answered questions" popup?

I'm begging you, how do I stop seeing this? I am so sick and tired of coming to the forum and then being constantly forced to see the popup. I click the "x" to close it, and it reappears. I'm starting to wonder if I should just give up on this forum and send them emails from now on because I don't like seeing the popup. I shouldn't be forced to accept/reject EVERY SINGLE ANSWER on a question. If one person has given me an answer that I accept, then that answered my question. If twenty more people chime in afterwards, I'm forced to see this popup.
I thought removing every notification from the preferences would help, but it didn't.
I don't care if people want to be seen as having their answer accepted after another person already provided me the answer. What you need to understand is I'm a full-time college student who is also working part-time. I need to study for exams, I tutor on and off campus, and I need to have some personal time as well. I don't even post on Facebook, let alone other social media sites. What makes you think I have time to go through every single answer people give? Sometimes they're just asking questions to another person completely. I don't have time for forums, my studies and personal life are far more important.

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