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When I have my solar installed, do I need to do anything in my ohm account? Anything I should prepare for? What could I expect to be different when shifting to solar?


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    @UkiwiS said:
    A slightly less cloudy day will mean less generation and you'll below your forecast.

    I think there's a typo here, so to clarify what @UkiwiS was saying: Your panels will produce less power on cloudy days, which in the context of net metering will make it look like you're using more energy. If your forecast is based on mostly sunny days, it may be impossible to stay below your forecast during a cloudy OhmHour, even if you shut off all power to your house at the breaker. So, many of us solar users limit our participation to evening hours when we're less affected by variation in solar radiation. I start my filters at 5 PM.

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    Thank you!

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