Have you won anything from the spin to win game?



  • pcornwell6164pcornwell6164 Member Posts: 5

    Nope... Nothing. I just spent 3K on tokens and not even a cheap pair of glasses.

  • SushidoSushido Member Posts: 5
    And i spent another 4k in tokens on spins. Seems like i just need the big money icon or rad shades. I got 6k tokens left. Ima be token poor soon
  • fmerchantfmerchant Member Posts: 1
    nope nothing
    The game is such garbage. I just quickly checked and I’ve spent over 15,000 tokens and not won a single thing — even the garbage sunglasses (not that I even want them but you’d figure those would be an easily “winnable” prize to incentivize people to keep playing). You will get an endless number of “no dirty power”, “wind turbine”, and “aviator sunnies” game pieces (I’ve literally got hundreds of each) but not much else. Really wish they would offer some more insight into the number of prizes available on an ongoing basis or even publish how often people are winning things
  • thetellesfthetellesf Member Posts: 12
    yes i won something (comment below)
    I won a smart thermostat...got that. I recently won a pair of aviator sunnies but when I went to get them, they were sold out. I'm now getting nothing but 15% codes which I'm not going to use because I can get tp link smart devices way cheaper on eBay.
  • michiedoemichiedoe Member Posts: 1
    nope nothing
    Ive been playing it since the beginning. Would love to here that someone one the cash or the car. Or even sunglasses. I have not one yet. But its kinda fun to play.
  • laurelrpatton-comlaurelrpatton-com Member Posts: 21
    nope nothing

    After I already had a Streak Shield card, I thought I'd try the spin. Never again! What a waste! Will use my next tokens for a second Streak Shield. You can have more than one in reserve for backup, can't you?

  • sunspotzszsunspotzsz Member Posts: 1
    nope nothing

    I just blew more than 8000 points and got nothing.

  • Ohmmish HourOhmmish Hour Member Posts: 2

    Does anyone know why Team Leads can’t messgae they’re own team? I wanted to pump my crew up tonight, for tomorrows OhmHour and let them know we’re doing FAB! So proud of all. I contacted someone from the site and they said it isn’t doable at the time???

  • InloveandlightInloveandlight Member Posts: 1
    yes i won something (comment below)
  • tassielmurdocktassielmurdock Member Posts: 7
    nope nothing
    I've spent well over 6000 prob closer to 9k in tokend. I won a 15% off but that code didn't work. I emailed for help initially because when I ordered my plug I was one letter wrong in my address so I was hoping they could just change it on their end and send me my plugged. But instead they canceled my order and then when I tried to reorder my code was no longer valid. So I contacted them and they issued a new code. now I can't even find the codes and I still never got the initial one for 999. I've spent lots of tokens and have gotten multiples of the same thing but never have gotten 3 in one category. if anybody has an extra thermostat they want to throw my way I'll gladly accept it:-)
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