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Instagram - Tokens for #OhmHour

I just opened an Instagram account to take advantage of these 40 extra tokens. (I'm on a mission to collect enough for a Baseline Boost.) I understand I need to tag #OhmConnect and #OhmHour, but how will this connect to my OC profile if I don't use the same user name? Should I tag myself, too?

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  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,049Administrator
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    When you indicate that you have posted, we will verify and then award the points!

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Posts: 404Member
    edited November 2017 Accepted Answer

    @SD Chip This was in the energy snapshot on November 3rd:
    Show us how you’re saving on Instagram.
    We are launching a new way for you to earn rewards during an #OhmHour. Click on the Instagram icon from your #OhmHour notification page during the event and post a picture of what you are doing. Tag your post with #OhmHour or #OhmConnect and you’ll be awarded 40 tokens!

    I see what I've been doing wrong, @Kate from OhmConnect I wasn't clicking on the Instagram icon from my notification. I was tagging OhmConnect on the photo in Instagram. OhmConnect liked my Instagram post, but no points were awarded either time I posted. I'll try again next OhmHour. Thanks!


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