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SMARTAC - Been disconnected from the program since 2013

"We'll do the hard stuff. Let us help you disenroll so you can get paid!
Uh oh. It looks like you are enrolled in SmartAC, a PG&E program that conflicts with OhmConnect's free service.
We can help you disenroll. Click the button below for more information and how to get paid. We won't automatically take action without your explicit permission.
I clicked the button, contacted and confirmed with PGE again...they say I AM NOT enrolled!!!!
I can not get a response from OHMconnect. I'm on the verge of giving up this sham.


  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    @Kate from OhmConnect, is this something you can look into?

  • Happy to. @BrianP if you write in to support, we can clear your account.

  • barisebarise Posts: 1Member

    Folks, I ran into similar issue -- I called PGE, they saw I was part of SmartAC; I asked to disenroll. They said they did it. It's been few days and your site still showing me as part of SmartAC program. Can you "nudge" the workflow that enrolls OhmConnect user to respective PGE program as if they are coming in new? I think currently I'm stuck in limbo state where your systems think I'm on SmartAC and not doing anything to move forward. Appreciate any help.

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamPosts: 585Member

    @barise, as indicated by Kate (an OC Admin) above, your request should be emailed to Support via the link at the top of the page. This forum is regularly read only by your fellow members . . . not Support personnel.

  • dslaidslai Posts: 27Member

    I've been having this SmartAC issue ever since I joined OhmConnect. I disenrolled in PG&E's SmartAC program over the phone and confirmed a couple times later that I really am disenrolled in that program. But I still get daily emails/texts from OhmConnect that say I'm still in SmartAC and need to disenroll from it, and my OhmConnect account gets downgraded to the bronze level. Everytime, this happens, I contact OhmConnect support and they say there is some known issue with receiving SmartAC data from PG&E and change my account back to the silver level. But then I have to repeat this process the next day.

    I see that there is a FAQ article on the SmartAC issue (https://faq.ohmconnect.com/current-known-issues/smartac-reducing-pge-users-to-bronze-status), but it says that the downgrade to bronze level due to this issue should only occur every 1-2 weeks. But for me, this issue is occurring daily. It's very frustrating to have to request to get my account fixed everyday.

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