Thermostat Replacement

I've been a bit gun shy about replacing a thermostat due to the wiring involved and the fact that the one I was replacing was really old (see pic) but this one stopped working (no heat) and it was cold so I went ahead and installed the ecobee 3 i won a while back through referrals.

I was happily surprised that once I had figured out how to power off the furnace (most of that time involved finding it first) the process was really quick. I was getting ready to do the extra wiring at the furnace but then realized the old thermostat had a C wire so I was able to skip that step. the ecobee instructions book and the installation instructions on the app were really helpful.

Anyone else getting ready to replace their thermostat or done so recently?


  • IanEIanE Member Posts: 86

    i didn't have a c wire so i had to use the ecobee power injector

  • @IanE how did that work?

    @Claudia thanks so much for sharing this.

  • IanEIanE Member Posts: 86

    @Kate from OhmConnect easy peasy.... the ecobee is really well designed...

  • kriscerone-aol-comkriscerone-aol-com Member Posts: 5

    I bought the $249 Nest Learning Thermostat because it did not need the C-wire. Bought it at Home Depot so I could look at the box and ask them for sure. Paid a handyman to install it. Very unhappy with it. My gas bill trippled even though I set it to 68. It learned to stay on even while I was gone SCE has not paid me the $75 rebate and refuses the extra $75 for belonging to OHM. Now Scott at OHM is saying I had to purchase from OHM. That was not true. The website never said that. It said you could buy it anywere and get the rebate. Would not feel so bad about the rip off if I got my $150 bad. When ever there is a electric outage it won't rest. Also because it won't shut off I had to put a manual timer on the furnace plug to shut it off. Do not recommed.

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