More 20 minute notifications in SDG&E territory for 2018??

SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

I was just reading on SDG&E's website ( ) that SDG&E signed a contract with OC for more grid reliability through the use of 20 minute notifications for reductions starting in 2018.

"The demand response program run by OhmConnect will also add flexibility to the system. Beginning in early 2018, OhmConnect will request residential customers who have enrolled in the demand-response program to reduce energy usage within 20 minutes of being called during certain days and hours. This process will be conducted by the California Independent System Operator and/or SDG&E as needed."

Will we get some heads up when this program goes into effect? I have usually only received notification for day ahead ohm hours.
I have not experienced 20 minute notifications.


  • GregoryGregory Member Posts: 28
    Hope so. Until recently I only ever received 6-8 minutes notice. Now I am generally getting a day.
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