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How to connect a Juicebox or Bolt EV

I'm looking at the connect and when I click it to add a vehicle, I only see three options: Chargepoint Home, Leaf and Tesla. I see discussions about the Juicebox and Bolt, but I don't have anything like that. Is it in a different place or has the site been updated and those options have been removed?

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  • CraigWCraigW Posts: 42Member
    Accepted Answer

    No unfortunately none of those work.


  • ClaudiaClaudia San FranciscoPosts: 95Administrator

    @Ben at OhmConnect , can you please look into this / advise?

  • Josh GellerJosh Geller Posts: 1Member

    Does Chargepoint Home work? I get the following message after logging in with my Chargepoint credentials, "no vehicles found connected to the provided credentials". I looked on the Chargepoint website, and my two Volts are there.

  • CraigWCraigW Posts: 42Member

    Currently waiting on electrician. I'll try that otherwise, I'll have to manually trigger from the alert to the car. I was just looking at the emotorwerks site for the juicebox and they say they have a pilot running in conjunction with OhmConnect.

  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 69Member

    There used to be a an option to add the Juicebox to Ohmconnect, but I guess something broke and they removed the option now. Its pretty annoying as I upgraded my dumb EVSE for this reason.

  • Jeremy HoJeremy Ho Posts: 2Member
    Any updated? Tried connecting my Chargepoint home and it's never worked since I've joined.
  • vvranglervvrangler Posts: 15Member
    I have tried this a zillion times over the last 2 years and always the same response. I thin module isn’t working @OhmConnect should remove it form the interface as it is EXTREMELY frustrating having it not work for this long without any explanation.

    ANYONE at @OhmConnect care to reply?
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