Performance and points not displayed in Dashboard

I've participated in 3 ohm hours so far, but still nothing turns up on my Dashboard, only the Community Performance, and even though I did the 3 separate hours, I received no points. Why?


  • hello, it looks like you are still showing bronze experience, have you made silver yet? that is when we have your utility data and can show your results.

  • wh16mmgalwh16mmgal Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2018

    Oh, so I have to wait for my utility company to validate my account? Is that all I need to do? I don't want smart technology regulating my thermostat, is that required to reach silver?

  • Only users with a status of Silver and above will see points rather than community points. If you have an eligible utility, you do need to wait for that company's approval that OhmConnect receives.

  • andrewroyholmesandrewroyholmes Member Posts: 1

    I don't get it. I have participated in three ohm hours and it is still showing me as "carbon status" and has an X beside "Participate in at least one of the five most recent #OhmHours" in the dashboard. There is a checkmark beside "Wait for utility approval of your enrollment".

  • @andrewroyholmes, wait for utility approval means that your forms are being reviewed, hopefully your status has switched to silver by now, reach out to customer support if it hasn't yet.

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