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Which user created IFTTT applet is the most useful?

BenBen Posts: 33Administrator

Our awesome community created their own IFTTT & Ohm applets. Which one is the most useful? See this thread.

Which user created IFTTT applet is the most useful? 8 votes

When #OhmHour starts, run a Lutron scene to turn off all Lutron smart lights (from Chris_and_Eden)
sophiaval 1 vote
When #OhmHour starts, send a GroupMe message to the family to have them turn off the fridge and deep freezer (from asamumas)
SD Chipnlaceysteven@ohmconnectdthatcher7 4 votes
When #OhmHour starts, log the current temperature, humidity, and windspeed to a Google spreadsheet (from nlacey)
When an #OhmHour starts, turn off my Kasa TV/Stereo device to prevent parasitic electricity loss, then call my phone to remind me to turn off other devices (noosaaol)
noosaaolc6wooden 2 votes
When an #OhmHour starts, set the heat to 50 degrees on my smart thermostat. When the #OhmHour ends, turn the thermostat back to Auto. (from Bstring)
No Pain No Gain 1 vote
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