Is ohmconnect going to add more compatible devices?

I bought some smart plugs and a thermostat, but they are not compatible with ohmconnect. I'm sure it has something to do with the app/software compatibility, but can I put in a request to add certain devices/companies just in case?
Nuheat Thermostat
YTE smart plugs (IFTTT compatible)


  • Thanks for letting us know! we will add them to the wishlist, we probably won't be able to directly integrate with them until they have greater traction with our user base. You should be able to integrate via IFTTT though to enable shut off for an ohmhour.

  • adrianchew194adrianchew194 Member Posts: 5

    I use IFTTT but I don't know how I would use it to connect with Ohm connect. Can you give more details, as I'd like to see if I trigger turning off my smart plugs via Amazon Alexa. Thanks.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
    Sorry @adrianchew194, I don't have the expertise and maybe it's not even possible. Hopefully someone else might chime in. I think @John K is a bit of a pro with IFTTT
  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @adrianchew194, have you done a search for "OhmConnect" on the IFTTT site? That will give you a list of the very few smart device applets designed to work with OC. In addition, you can theoretically use the emails at the start and end of an OH to trigger any app that has an applet on IFTTT (like SmartLife).

    The most important thing is to remember that if you need any assistance from OhmConnect, you can absolutely count on zero, even if they promise otherwise. Bottom line, my experience with WeMo, Wiser, and TP-Link plugs, says you are way better off buying only TP-Link smartplugs and Ecobee thermostats.

  • greygollumgreygollum Member Posts: 6
    When do you plan on adding better support for the Tuya or "smart life" compatible smart plugs, bulbs, and power strips. They easily outnumber tplink, smart things and other brands as far as home saturation. I have seen some ifttt support for it from ohm connect but it's very minimal. That and I know that Tuya inc offers custom branding on their equipment. It would be pretty cool to see OhmConnect or #OhmHour on a wifi power strip or wall socket.
  • topperbell53topperbell53 Member Posts: 1
  • randyalurandyalu Member Posts: 2

    And I would add Carrier Tor thermostats to the list. I think the unit is built by Ecobee, so hopefully it would not be too hard to set up.

  • robertisonlinerobertisonline Member Posts: 1
    Add Wyze smart plugs, please.
  • Bill WBill W Member Posts: 1

    When will non-Tesla EV charging devices be supported? The Juicebox (from Enel) was mentioned years ago but it still isn't supported.

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