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Ecobee3 Fan Control ‘minimum minutes/hour’

I’m having some fruatration with Ecobee3 and OhmConnect because of an Ecobee feature that is not being turned off during ohm hours.

I have two Ecobee3, one full and one Lite model. Both are set to run the house fan at least 10 minutes per hour which helps a ton with allergies, filtering and keeping temperature well flatlined throughout the house. With solar the cost of running the fans is acceptable to me.

But, when Ohm Hour comes around, the Ecobee is turned off... but it’s still activating the fan time per hour! So, for at least 10 minutes for each zone, 20 mins per hour, I’m running a fan load of about 2kwh. It totally blows the budget.

So we need the Ecobee service to expose, and for Ohm Connect to also set to 0 and reset to previous value... the minimum minutes per hour fan control! Wish I could do this myself with IFTTT but haven’t figured out a way.


  • BenBen Posts: 33Administrator

    Hey @Andrew Farris, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm not sure if we have a clean solution for you at the moment, but thank you for letting us know.

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