Unable to complete Service Account setup

I was able to connect my utility account with SCE, but under "Service Account" the address is blank, and under "Utility enrollment / CISR, it says "Please complete account setup". But my utility account is already connected, and I've given full access on SCE's page.

Not sure what to do here, any insight would be appreciated.


  • sandovalceo1sandovalceo1 Member Posts: 3

    Hi Ken! Try this link: https://login.ohmconnect.com
    See if you can log in. If you can ohm connect will tell you what else needs to be completed for your account! If you aren't able to log in just press the "sign up" icon and try signing up through ohm connect. Tell me if this helps!

  • matthewh16matthewh16 Member Posts: 1

    I'm having the CISR issue with SCE as well. SCE's site shows that the connection is correct and data is being sent, but my dashboard says:

    Utility Enrollment / CISR
    CISR still processing at utility

    Demand Response Program

    And has for like 2 months now.

  • ednarfloresednarflores Member Posts: 1
    Hi I was enrolled in Ohm Connect then my dashboard shows not connected. Its been over a month. Don't know how to fix this.
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