Late ohm hours are difficult to make for low users in bed

Hi. We are having a great deal of difficulty making the 7-8 pm ohm hour. We are shift workers who have to be up at 3 am, and everything but our fridge gets turned off at bedtime (6 pm). The recent unannounced 7-8 Ohm hours clearly show that if we are not awake to turn the fridge off, we will lose our streak. We don't think it is smart to put a fridge on a smart plug. Can you please give a better buffer to somebody using so little electricity (where it is obvious a dead zone already from your records)? Also, please announce the Ohm hour much further in advance. Once again last night, we only had a 7 minute warning, and we missed it because we were asleep.


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    Why don't you just set your availability in your settings so you don't get OhmHours after 6pm? If you're normally asleep anyway, you're not going to have much demand to reduce during those hours.

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