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Why do connected smart devices turn on at the end of ohmhour when they were previously off?

Max ChenMax Chen Posts: 1Member

Scenario 1 (this is OK):
On -> OhmHour starts, turn off -> OhmHour ends, turn on

Scenario 2 (this is NOT OK):
Off -> OhmHour starts, turn off -> OhmHour ends, turn on

So basically, if I'm not home and my connected device is off they will finish the OhmHour turned on? This seems very wasteful and makes me want to disconnect my device so I can manage it myself.


  • dustin5499dustin5499 Posts: 1Member
    I agree I'm so tired of coming home from work to every light on in the house . Seems very counter productive to saving energy. About to kill this program that pays nothing anyways
  • coopercooper Posts: 1Member

    Same problem here - we use a smart plug to turn off our dehumidifier during our utility provider's "peak hours" (during which we pay more for electricity) - but if there is an OhmHour that ends during these "peak hours", my dehumidifier is turned back on, and thus uses more expensive electricity.

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