Losing Points for Buddy Demand Response?

See image... why am I losing points for buddy demand response?


  • OLJIVOLJIV Member Posts: 1

    I was just wondering the same thing!

  • spencerckngspencerckng Member Posts: 2

    Same thing happened to me. What's going on?

  • FlippyZombieFlippyZombie Member Posts: 8

    Likewise, just logged in and saw that I have -600 points for no apparent reason. My history is similar to yours; it appears that all buddy points I've ever made were negated today. Looks like a bug...

  • lepohmlepohm Member Posts: 14

    Same here, lost -718 buddy points today.

  • SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

    Left a message with support. Have not heard back yet. My acct shows -106 pts. I had about 810 in my account yesterday.

  • MandTWallingMandTWalling Martinez, CAMember Posts: 15

    I'm seeing the exact same thing as everyone else. I think what's going on is that they're folding in Buddy points into what is displayed as your "OhmHour Performance" on the dashboard. As a result, they need to remove previous Buddy points (if that makes sense). Even so, my record keeping still doesn't match up with their spreadsheet data, so I don't know. Personally, I would give it another day to let their system work through whatever it is they're doing before raising a big stink.

  • spencerckngspencerckng Member Posts: 2

    Got a reply from Ohmconnect:

    Hi there. Due to a planned points migration, some users are seeing their buddy points removed, or are seeing negative points in their points total.
    We expect this migration to be complete within the next 24 hours, at which time, your buddy points will again be reflected correctly. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • MandTWallingMandTWalling Martinez, CAMember Posts: 15

    Looks like all is fixed now!

  • Ellen Paik JeongEllen Paik Jeong Member Posts: 16

    This isn't fixed for me still. Anyone else?

  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    It's fixed, but I didn't get buddy points for my last two OhmHours on 5/10 and 5/16 yet.

  • dkelseydkelsey Member Posts: 5

    Not fixed for me.

  • @Ellen Paik Jeong @cwohmcon @dkelsey Hi there! My name is Anh and I'm with OhmConnect. I just wanted to touch base to make sure you had this problem fixed because everything should be updated by now. If not, please reach out to us!

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    Buddy points aren't calculating the average correctly. Anybody else have the wrong average for Buddy points?
    I update my Support ticket every time we have an OhmHour. Every. Time.
    We lose up to 20 points out of a possible 100 every single time. If my Buddy saves 100% and I save 72%, the average isn't 67%. Maybe it's not a big enough problem to fix? We've both reported it and get the same cut/paste responses. We've both offered to test upgrades before they go out to everyone and give intelligent feedback on what's happening on our side. It's frustrating, because the response has also been that it won't be corrected. Buddy points are awarded ONCE and are not adjusted if something changes. Points are getting harder and harder to earn because the payout points/kWh keep dropping. I haven't had one pay over 100 points/kWh in quite some time. My lowest was 80/kWh. So if I earn Buddy points, it would be nice not to get shorted by the average being wrong.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243

    @No Pain No Gain said:
    "...the response has also been that it won't be corrected. Buddy points are awarded ONCE and are not adjusted if something changes."

    I've never had a buddy that said anything on the OhmConnect Chat Window, but I had always wondered about double-checking the averages. Based on the arrogant answer by OhmConnect, @No Pain No Gain is there anything we can do about this?

  • darkwater2darkwater2 Member Posts: 13

    I am still new to this buddy points. I would like to know there anything you can help me understand it better. @No Pain No Gain

  • @darkwater2 Buddy pairs you up with a friend, so you can check out each other's #OhmHour performance and earn extra points and tokens if you both reduce below your forecasts. You can also chat with one another and what you're each up to during #OhmHours, how you're saving, leveling up, and automating your #OhmHours with devices.

    When you and your buddy both beat your forecast during an #OhmHour, you'll both get additional tokens and points. How many depends on how much you've both saved.

    You can add a friend that you know or request for OhmConnect to give you one by clicking on "give me a buddy" from your buddy page. Please note that buddies must be in your area in order to get paired. To learn more about Buddy, please read the FAQ here.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I also have a buddy that does not communicate. The only message I got was when we were both teamed up (by OC). Since then I have left several messages, especially when my account was erroneously dinged. I realize not everyone is into communicating but it would be nice to get at least a response once in a while. And why does it take so long to get the points from a buddy event when your results might be calculated 3 or 4 days later, the buddy stuff takes about a week.

  • @jserramc The reason why buddy points take a while to calculate is because we need both data from both parties. Say for instance, you already got your results but your buddy hasn't. We won't be able to add your earnings together because there is missing data we are waiting for to get back.

  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    @anguye42 - I've usually see a significant lag from the time that the buddy page is updated with the results to when the points get credited (several days). Is that unexpected?

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @CKWM Sorry for the delayed response. I don't get notifications (that's another story) and there wasn't even a red dot on the "earth" next to my name, top right on this page. Who knows how many responses I'm missing.
    Anyway, the only thing you can do if your Buddy average is wrong is report it to the help desk. Emails tend to work better than complaining in the forums. The email opens a ticket and someone gets back to you with an answer or to ask for clarification. This one is still being worked on so you can let them know there are other open tickets with the same issue.
    Also, you get 5 tokens for each time you post a comment in Buddy chat. Doesn't matter if they don't reply. Don't give up. Like those messages being sent into space by NASA looking for life out in the universe. Keep posting. :D

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @jserramc In regards to your Buddy not answering, there aren't any notifications, so they may have forgotten there's even a chat there, or don't know you've posted. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to leave a message for a member on their profile. Have you checked to see if they've come into the forums? If so, you could leave a PM for them here and hope they get it. Other than that, do like I advised @CKWM , keep posting on the Buddy page. You get 5 tokens per comment. Make the most of it. ;)

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    Still kind of confused by OC answer about why points don't calculate quicker--if we are both in the same area aren't we both also with the same energy co (PGE) and does info from PGE not get delivered at the same time?
    And I also do not see any notifications that someone has commented on something. I changed my preferences several weeks ago per advice here. I look at forum page a few times a week especially if there is an ongoing conversation. I checked all the preferences to email since I don't know how pop up works yet I am in the dark when it comes to any ongoing comments.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @jserramc I can't answer why the Buddy points and tokens aren't calculated faster, but those don't amount to much, and they've always been added to our rewards, so I don't worry about them. Even if we got the maximum Buddy points, it's only 100. I'm more concerned about getting the OhmHour points.
    You're not alone with the notifications. I only get OhmHour notifications. Nothing for Buddy or Forums. I don't think those work yet, so I just check back. If you're watching for comments in a certain thread, click on the star and it will put it into Bookmarks so you can find it faster.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    As it is right now, if I click on my discussions, only 2 come up yet I've commented on many of these topics. I have to go into each one and look for the yellow "new" button. Another way to pass the time but not very efficient. Too bad OC can't set up something so that ANY thread you've commented in can be accessed by one click instead of over a hundred. Thanks for your insight.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404
    edited June 2018

    @jserramc According to what's in my "My Discussions", those are questions/topics where I was the original poster, not threads I commented on. That's why I bookmark threads I want to watch. Hope that helps.

    If you go to your profile, you can see under "Activity" you have Discussions - 2 and Comments - 32. Click on Comments and it will bring up a list of your 32 comments... one click, all in one place. :)

    Recent Discussions in the list at the top is also an easier way to find the yellow tags.

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