When are we supposed to tell how we're saving???

waughterwaughter Member Posts: 1

Are you supposed to "tell us how you're saving" BEFORE the OHM hour, RIGHT AFTER it starts, or AFTERWARDS?

Or just at some random time during the week?


  • you can tell us anytime between when you get the day ahead notification and 15 minutes after the event starts

  • kerrij007kerrij007 Member Posts: 1
    Can someone please tell me what I can use my tokens / points for? Are they good towards smart devices within the Ohm website? Please help!!
  • tassielmurdocktassielmurdock Member Posts: 7
    You can use your tokens to spin. If you get three of a kind (1ea. of all 3) you win said prize. Every spin gets you an entry. Sometimes you win multiples of the same thing. Eventually (I'm still waiting 6,000+ tokens and spins later)u will get all three in the category and then you win whatever that prize is. Hope that helps...
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