My next door neighbor has completely different ohmconnect hours, how come?

She is really next door and she gets ohm hours that are totally different from mine. How is that possible?


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    They're not all on the same day for everyone, I thought?

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    I'd like to hear the answer to this too... since @Claudia & @anguye42 & @Sophie, OhmConnect work for OhmConnect, can one of you help answer this?

  • @CKWM @fabwashh @Czar Good question. Our users do often get different #OhmHours, even if they live close to each other. I know I get different OhmHours than my next door neighbor, and once I got the same #OhmHour as my Mom, who lives 60 miles away! So it's quite normal to not get the same #OhmHours as anyone else. Conversely, you might get lucky and have an #OhmHour at the same time as a friend.

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    Hi @anguye42, thanks for responding and providing more evidence of what we sensing is happening and clarifying for @Czar.

    I'm going to come back to @fabwashh's original post asking:

    How is that possible?

    I think we're looking for an explanation as to why households so close in physical proximity don't have the same OhmHours. Can you or @Claudia or @Sophie, OhmConnect provide an explanation?

    I'm curious about the answer to the why, because it'll provide insight as to why a buddy has to live in the same area, but then there's a note that you and your buddy could have different OhmHours.

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    Here's a snapshot from the FAQ section on the Buddy Program:

    This evidence supports that people within the same area are getting different OhmHours. The question comes back to:

    Why are people in the same area participating in different OhmHours?

  • Hello, as OhmConnect has grown we've been able to make our dispatch logic more sophisticated. While in the past users in the same location tended to get the same #OhmHours because we didn't have enough people to have multiple #OhmHours in a given location, we can now dispatch in more time slots and optimize times. Some users were getting fewer #OhmHours recently than others while we were testing response to frequency. In the future, users who consistently reduce during #OhmHours may end up seeing more #OhmHours. For the near term, we expect most users to have more #OhmHours this summer than they did this spring.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243

    That's helpful to know. Thanks for clarifying @Claudia!

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    So what is the value of being assigned a buddy for the potential to earn extra points, if your buddy will be getting different hours than you? If 10 events happen and your buddy was only able to reduce with you 3 times, that's a lot of wasted effort. Even a higher percent, say 8 out of 10 can impact you. And how would you know your buddy is NOT invited to that ohm hour?

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    Thanks for the answer, @Claudia, but as jserramc says, it defeats the buddy program doesn't it? (nb I don't participate in the buddy program myself).

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    I’m so many words if you are a power Ohm user and conserve very well you will get Ohm hours turned off because they have to pay you more than the newbie who either isn’t platinum or who broke his/her streak. All a numbers game can’t see any reason why your neighbor gets on and u don’t. Reading these forums it’s the number one reason people are upset. People in close proximity are being treated differently based on performance. Don’t hide it just come out and explain to everyone guess what if you do a great job you might get as many events as someone who doesn’t. Still waiting for the “why” explanation but it gets blamed on an algorithm. Someone created the algorithm based on a certain set of indices so they have the answer.
  • JRocketJRocket Member Posts: 30
    For the record, Claudia’s comment is untrue. I was super excited about this program and started telling friends about. For a fact, I signed up in spring and got more Ohm hours then than I have in the past 3-4 weeks which have been 2 events and 0 MEGA events. Unfortunately for me, I have beaten every forecast, never missed a streak and run 80% to forecast so I suspect that is why I am being left out of the party.
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    @JRocket I don't understand why you're not getting Mega OhmHours, but for me (and for my Buddy who lives 17 miles from me), what you say about users who perform well not getting Megas isn't true. My streak is up to 81 and my savings is 88%. If what you say is true, I would also be "left out of the party".
    Have you looked at the times you accept OhmHours lately to make sure they're for the times you expect to get them? And that you will accept the maximum of 4 per week? Sometimes that makes a difference. When I had my hours set later so I could be sure to be home from work, I hardly got any OhmHours, so I had to open that window up and figure out a different way to do this.
    Be sure to keep talking to the help desk to get things moving for you. Email is the fastest way to get results, imo. You can get feedback from other users in the forums, but it's hard to get the attention of someone who can help you here.

  • @JRocket That is not necessarily true, your enrollment might have not been done correctly. We definitely got to look into it more. I feel like I've seen your post somewhere before and I feel like I had advised for you to contact support. Have you done so yet?

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    @Anh, OhmConnect Unfortunately, the summer is coming to a close and so is my first year participating in Summer Mega Ohm events and I was so excited because the entire hot summer (hotter than last year) I only ever had 1 MEGA event the entire summer yet my buddy who lives a few houses down got several Mega Ohm hours and regular Ohm hours compared to me. I contacted support multiple times (Scott always responds) about not getting enough events and was told everything seems fine and I should see more events. Double checked my setting for events and everything is wide open at all times for as many events as possible. Giving up and not holding my breath anymore. Least my whole house is automated for events but sadly discouraged after my first summer and all the marketing hype that went into Mega Ohm Hours, etc. @Anh perhaps you can personally find out why I get so few Ohm hours and or only recieved 1 Mega event the entire summer. I would appreciate it. Thx.
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    I've only gotten 1 Mega OH all summer also.

  • @JRocket please contact support as advised. the forum is not a good place for support to help you with your account to track your information.

  • JRocketJRocket Member Posts: 30
    @Anh, OhmConnect but I’ve already done that with no results or change :-(
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    My Buddy and I have been assigned the same OhnHours since we became Buddies within the past year. Only in the past 2 months have we discovered that we're getting different OhmHours. We keep track of our assigned OhmHours Buddy messaging where we confirm the dates and times of our assigned OhmHours. Saves a lot of time not having to call OhmConnect Staff to learn what's going on. And NO, we are not happy with this rather sudden (for us) un-transparent change in the OhmConnect Program; however, we are left to "go with the flow" if we wish to stay in the program.

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