Hi I'm Anh from OhmConnect! Pleasure to meet you all!

Hello everyone! My name is Anh and I'm the new Customer Analyst here at OhmConnect. I will be responsible for helping users and looking out for issues users are experiencing while gathering information for product improvement and fixing bug related issues. I hope to learn from you all and support you the best that I can! Thanks for your continued support :smile:


  • peanutandcuddlespeanutandcuddles Member Posts: 1
    I've submitted multiple emails in the last week and have had no response... I'd really appreciate an update on the status of of my problems... I've not received the $10 bonus for participating in two ohmhours in May, (turned off the circuit breaker), and I had an ohmhour on Sunday the 10th and it doesn't even show pending... PLEASE respond... [email protected]
  • KingdomkidsKingdomkids Member Posts: 18

    @ peanutandcuddles Did you use the link to contact support? Usually you will receive a response within 24 hours.

  • @peanutandcuddles you didn't get your bonuses because you opt-out in participating in those hours. I'm sorry I won't be able to give you those bonuses. However, you did participate in the Mega OhmHour on Saturday and got your bonus there.

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    @anguy42, something similar to @peanutandcuddles happened to a friend of mine where one particular day's result showed they opted-out when my friend said they didn't. Luckily, my friend was able to show the opt-out was a glitch by noting they had activated a baseline booster for that particular OhmHour - which the OhmConnect Support who work with my friend agreed would make no sense why a person would have opted-out after activating a costly baseline booster. Support concluded it was a glitch and made the point adjustment.

    A good idea my friend had suggested was for OhmConnect to inform them of the exact time & device source that triggered the opt-out (cell phone # or IP address if done from a computer). They have the husband's and wife's phone connected to get the notifications, so they wanted to take responsibility for the opt-out if one really occurred.

    Of course if there is data thst could show an opt out occurred, then it'd be understandable that it be personally message to @peanutandcuddles rather than post in a forum thread. We'll have to rely on @peanutandcuddles to reply whether this was resolved.

    If you'd like, I can ask my friend to post the help window interaction / conversation to prove it really happened.

    Hope this can help keep things transparent.
  • @CKWM to be transparent on my end as much as possible, we have (what I think) a terrible messaging system (intercom) because I can't send any outgoing messages which is really weird. I have checked our inbox for this user's emails but nothing was sent. I have no choice but to talk to @peanutandcuddles here in the forum which is not ideal at all.

    Since your friend made that suggestion, it will be addressed. The issue with that suggestion is that we send out device shut off in bulks at different times which can be difficult to send notifications at the proper time. I will try to see if we can send another notification and 30min-1hr before the OhmHour. It would make more sense to give users more time to decide and prepare instead of 15 min beforehand.

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    Hi Anh, Nice to meet you ;).

    You may feel as though you jumped into the lion's den here without a proper welcoming party. lol Once you thumb through these threads you will notice a lot of speculation and unanswered posts.
    I think some of us may think you are a figment and will believe you are real when answers start flowing in. lol

    All kidding aside, glad to have you with us. ;)

    And to the other members that have been trying to help and answering our questions, I thank you. ;)

  • @stormysb i've been told i joined in an interesting time which i couldn't agree more! there is a lot of events going on but i'm excited to learn and help make things better in any way that i can.

    thank you for welcoming me!

  • JoeponlynJoeponlyn Marysville, CAMember Posts: 2
    I have lots to learn....
  • @Lynn Matthews it does take time but we are here to help you get up to speed :)

  • McSaverMcSaver Member Posts: 1

    I'm new as well to Ohmhours and everything, and I've been having a great time saving energy. I don't really know what teams do necessarily, but I joined anyway just in case. I have a 17 streak going on and it's fun.

  • @McSaver teams are really beneficial if you are donating your points to a cause. other than that, it is mainly use to motivate each other. you can read more about teams here.

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    hey there @Anh, OhmConnect! I'm wondering if you could potentially help out as my contact with customer support via chat hasn't been helpful.

    I've changed addresses and I've tried updating it multiple times in ohmconnect but it never persists. I don't think ohmconnect is even working for me anymore since it says last checked on 7/13. My nest also isn't connecting anymore despite my adding it multiple times and I believe as a result, I'm not able to get the $50 rebate from ohmconnect.

    I used the chat feature and sent all this info and the response I got from Scott was a 1 liner: https://faq.ohmconnect.com/troubleshooting/how-do-i-update-my-address-if-i-move

    any advice? thanks in advance!

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    @aloa64 I see your inquiry on our help chat. I'll reach out to you there!

  • grubbin7grubbin7 Member Posts: 1

    Hey there @Anh, OhnConnect I'm a new member and I thought I would join a team just to see what is was about. I'm on a 4 streak and loving being able to make money while saving electricity!

  • Welcome Anh, and good luck with your new position @ OHM!

  • @darleneterrazas thank you so much for the warm welcome :)

  • @grubbin7 teams are more beneficial if you are trying to donate to a cause or a school. we are currently working on improving teams so I wouldn't recommend joining; if you are in it for the points, it doesn't really benefit you points-wise, it will just motivate you.

  • marquezpkcmarquezpkc Member Posts: 2

    It's been a couple of months now but I paid for the smart plug. I have been trying to contact and notify you about not having received my plug and information about my tokens and earnings. It seems that have deaf ears because no one has responded to me about any of my questions and what I paid for. Can you help me?

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    I see that the admin's account who started this post has been deleted. I suspect Anh no longer works at OhmConnect.

    Maybe @samklee can help here?
  • @CKWM said:
    I see that the admin's account who started this post has been deleted. I suspect Anh no longer works at OhmConnect.

    Maybe @samklee can help here?

    Correct, Anh is no longer with us.

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