Are You Missing Buddy Rewards? Here's One Possible Answer

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It's even more advantageous now to have a similar status energy-saver as you for a buddy than ever before.

Here's why:

Our buddy rewards are calculated based on an % average of 2 people's % energy reduction during an OhmHour. So it was already a given that if you buddy up with someone who saves a lot and you save a lot, your average % should be high. If one person was high-saving and the other low, then an average is just what's done.

But now, something's changed. Based on this recent explanation given on this thread on June 4th by Claudia says that those who consistently do well meeting their forecast may be given more OhmHours to participate in. This impactfully also means that those who don't do well saving energy may be given less OhmHours. (which makes sense from OhmConnect's standpoint who want to utilize those who save the most as often as possible for everyone to earn as much $ as possible)

I recently discovered that this logical concept impacts your buddy rewards: Pairing up with someone who doesn't save as well as you, will mean that you will lose out on some buddy reward opportunities.

If you want to know how I found out exactly, you can read this:

I have a buddy who dropped from Gold to Silver status about a month ago and hasn't been trying to earn a higher status back. I didn't mind that I saved a lot more when I saw our average saving together meant I was doing most of the heavy lifting. I noticed recently in the last month that some OhmHours I experienced have no Buddy Rewards associated with them. I thought this was an oversight and messaged the "Help" tab chat window. Here's what I was told: This meant that if I had a buddy who saved as much as me... we may have had the same number of OhmHours to earn buddy rewards for those times. But this current buddy I had didn't do as well, so they didn't get as m asny OhmHours as me. This meant we have less matching OhmHours to earn together for Buddy Rewards.

Ultimately, from now on: Try to find a similar status Buddy who meets their forecast as often as you to get a similar number of OhmHours to be compared together for Buddy Rewards. Good luck everyone!

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