Can we verify which devices were shut off in a past ohm hour?

We had a Mega Ohm Hour on June 9th; I needed a 0.02; my records just came back as a 0.292. I double checked on PG&E's website and that is what they say as well. While I was skeptically hoping I would hit the mega requirement, I really didn't expect to go near this far over. I had unplugged or shut off everything that wasn't connected to a smart plug, except my router, and even turned the switch off to my well in case any leaky pipe kicked it on. I wasn't home during the actual ohm hour to verify things shut off. The PG&E records for that day show pretty clearly a drop in usage when I left, leaving only the usage from what would have been that fridge and freezer; it seems rather likely those smart plugs never did their thing. Is there any record of whether or not the plugs were shut off properly? I know I received several notices that devices couldn't be turned back on after the ohm hour, though logging to check they showed as on minutes after the Ohm Hour ended.

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  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    Way to do your due diligence @nlacey!

    I'll make sure reference this post as an approach more users should take if they ever have suspicions about their energy usage compared to what is reported by OhmConnect and what to do about it.

    @nlacey - do you keep your router going during an OhmHour so that smart devices can be turned back on through OhmConnect's automations?

    @Claudia - Will "we plan to share that data with users once we have confirmed that accuracy of reason codes" mean that you're wanting user to see a history of turn-offs & turn-ons of our linked devices in a timeline fashion similar to how we can currently view our token history?
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    @Claudia - Thanks for your response. I should clarify I went past the Mega Requirement only; I did meet my normal quota(and therefore my streak bonus is safe). I've had an ohm hour since and the plugs did shut off successfully this time.

    @CKWM - yep, I do leave the router on.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243

    @nlacey said:
    @CKWM - yep, I do leave the router on.

    If the router is the only thing you leave on, how much energy does that take up for you?

  • nlaceynlacey Member Posts: 27

    That's the only thing i left on this time, but since the plugs didn't kill the fridge & freezer I don't know what its individual usage is(one of these days I'll test it with a smart-plug's usage monitor). Usually I have a couple other small items plugged in, and often reach as low as 0.03-0.05kwh. Since this was a MEGA hour, I had gone the extra route of unplugging all small devices that might throw me over the 0.02 limit, except for the smart-plugs of course(which can be 1-2 watts each).

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