Learning to Live without Electricity

dthatcher7dthatcher7 Member Posts: 27

This is going to be a bit of a reflective post...
For a couple of recent Mega OhmHours I've had to flip the main breaker to make it.
At first, like many people, it is easy to become annoyed, we are used to having electricity at our fingertips, as much as we want, all the time.
Blackouts have always been major anxiety inducing events for me.
Through the OhmHour program, I've recently begun to deal with that bit of phobia, while at the same time breaking the tendency for all of my family to take electricity for granted as an always available resource.
As far demand response programs, they'll be gone within 10 years, they are a crude solution to what is essentially a problem of energy storage. The duck curve problem, like the intermittency problem, will be solved by increased deployment of batteries at personal and utility scales, especially as battery technology advances. Of course this is assuming business as usual...
Except unfortunately I think learning to live without constant, reliable electricity is going to be a useful skill in the not too distant future due to coming economic and political crises... so all the more reason to get used to it now.
Reduce, reuse, recycle... you've got to take "reduce" seriously. Unless your OhmHour is asking you to do something stupid like generate power at night (LOL) then you can always reduce more. The American ecological footprint is insanely huge, we forget that because we are so used to our lifestyles.

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