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Hello everyone! We've turned up the heat this summer — with MEGA #OhmHours and lots of new prizes and rewards! Folks are excited and want to beat their forecast and MEGA goal, but aren't always sure exactly how they can do that.

So, we're starting this thread as a place for everyone to share their best tips & tricks for rocking each and every #OhmHour.

What do you do to make sure you always beat your forecast for a regular #OhmHour? What about if it's a MEGA #OhmHour, what do you do differently? What do you do to make sure your family (or just you!) is in-the-know when there's an #OhmHour coming up?

Reply here and share your wisdom!


  • Sophie, OhmConnectSophie, OhmConnect Member, Administrator Posts: 10

    My #1 tip: as soon as you know when your next #OhmHour will be, add it to your family's calendar so everyone knows it's coming ahead of. That way no one's surprised and you can get the whole gang involved!

  • Katie EdmondsKatie Edmonds Member Posts: 1

    We originally started flipping our breakers just to meet our MEGA #OhmHour goals but now we're so used to it, we do it for every #OhmHour. Max points! :smile:

  • MaxDunnMaxDunn Administrator Posts: 6

    I have so many "vampires" in my house, the only way I can get really low reductions is just to turn off my circuit breakers. I do leave one breaker on though, for my internet, TV and a light so I barely notice that the rest of the house is off.

  • steven_ohmconnectsteven_ohmconnect San Francisco, CAMember, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 6

    I generally have a pretty low forecast, so I hook up anything I can that uses power to a power strip and TPLink plug so the reductions are automated, which is especially useful when I am out of the house at the time of the OhmHour.

  • i use smart plugs to reduce my use and often use #OhmHour to get an evening run in or run some errands... the time flies.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404
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    Looks like that's everyone from OhmConnect Admin. Where's @Matt D been? He used to come in and leave comments. Hope all is well.
    The only way I can beat a Mega goal is to flip my breakers. I wish the Mega OhmHour was like it started out to be - beat your goal and earn from 5x - 25x the normal OhmHour payout. To be honest, the payout of 80 points/kWh plus 500 points doesn't excite me. I'm looking forward to a regular OhmHour with higher points/kWh. I'm more likely to flip my breakers for that.

  • gi2calisoldiergi2calisoldier Member Posts: 1

    I turn my circuit breaker off besides the fridge to prevent spoilage. I work 3- 11:30pm since I live alone there is nothing running besides my small freezer in my condo throughout the day.

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