Why doesn't anyone answer my messages on Ohmconnect.com

I really need help here. I received no notice of the last Mega TP-LINK turn off. which was a waste of time. It is on my A/C which I haven't used since 2017! But I was not able to control my end of turning off my lights, fans, and other products in my apt.

Also, are they going to compare 2017 summer to 2018 summer. Because if they don't I won't make it! So it would be a loss to my team and my points. Please someone explain this to me. I am now completely confused and TOTALLY frustrated. I won't refer to people if I don't understand the process.

First 2 times I was done .27, 21, One done surprisingly without notice, nothing was turned off, but the a/c which wasn't on to begin with. Is this a joke or what?

Please help me.


  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @jodys-song What is your question? They will not compare summer of 2017 to summer of 2018. You can look at the dates they use for your forecast and the details if you click on the OhmHour on your dashboard. There is also an explanation there that OhmConnect looks at the last 10 days of usage (except holidays, weekends, or OhmHour days). For weekend OhmHours, they look at the last 4 wekend days.
    Why were you trying to control turning off lights, fans, etc.? If the smart plugs didn't turn them off, you should've been able to turn them off. Nothing locks them into the on position when you have smart plugs.
    If you have specific questions and believe something went wrong during your OhmHour, you can get an answer by emailing the support desk at [email protected]

  • sophiajimenez510sophiajimenez510 Member Posts: 14
    Join the club !! I emailed/ messaged somebody and she referredme to check out the frequently asked questions and so I read it and and it suggested i contact somebody from the team lol i was literally going in circles
  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    Keep contacting them in chat... that is what I have done. It works sometimes but I am still trying to fix something from February. Good luck.

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