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Buddies who don’t participate or respond

MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
Hey there! We have only been doing this for about six months, but we have a nice 38 streak that we intend to build, and we usually hit the breaker so the payoff is better.
But we would love to have a Buddy who at minimum participates in Ohm hours consistently. Our last two have not, nor have they once communicated with us. It’s kind of nice to get the extra bonuses, and while it’s great for them, it’s always a bummer to see the red badge when the person goes over on a regular basis, or even to get a congratulations on our team reducing 44% when we reduced 100% ourselves.
We had a great one when we first started, but when he realized how far away we lived from him and that we weren’t getting the same Ohm hours, we parted ways thinking it would be easy to find another.
Anyone similar in the San Diego area (we live in the College area) looking for a good buddy? We put effort in, hit the breaker, and like long walks on the beach... 😀 We don’t expect perfection, just a reasonable attempt and some communication! Thanks!


  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAPosts: 235Member
  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    Thanks! I just posted there. I hope people are still reading that thread!
  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    Blergh... Still nothing! I am starting to feel unwanted! 😱
  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    Well, we got a new buddy! But this one has didn’t make goal for two of three Ohm hours. We did get one message, though, so we know the person is alive. We may be trying again soon if it doesn’t improve.
  • EagleEagle Posts: 5Member
    I'm looking for a new buddy too. I'm at 26 on my current streak (smart plugs failed and set me back) and average 79% over the past 20 OhmHours. My buddy has been zero for the past 10. Are you still looking?
  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    Hi Eric! Are you still around? I left you a message on your wall (I honestly didn’t even know we had “walls!”). We are definitely still looking. Even though I might have a few issues maneuvering around the site, we have a 46 streak and usually turn off the breaker, so we try to be good buddies!
  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamPosts: 585Member

    @MinEarl and @Eagle, have you given thought to using the private message feature rather than posting on walls? It's much easier to see responses. See the inbox icon.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAPosts: 235Member
    @MinEarl and @Eagle - direct your comments about searching for a buddy here in this establish thread about that very topic:

  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    @CWKM Yes, I have tried posting in that thread, as well. Thanks!
  • MinEarlMinEarl Posts: 14Member
    @John K Thanks! I also left a private message, although there are so many ways to message here, it gets confusing if you don’t do it much!
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