How long does it take to calculate actual usage after an Ohmhour?

My first Ohmhour was on Thursday July 5th but I still do not have my results.


  • @ivangarcia1230 it takes time for TBD information to come in. it depend on when the utility company - we don't always get them quickly.

  • anguianojenanguianojen Member Posts: 1
    I haven't received any of my results for the month of August it's still saying TBD. And we are in September already what's going on!!
  • thetellesfthetellesf Member Posts: 12
    I know there has been a lot of issues with SCE. I have an ohm hour for Aug 24th that is still showing TBD. What I don't understand is when you look at the forecasted daily average usage, none of the data is missing so how come the points haven't been tabulated? I've sent three different emails and all I'm getting in return is a link to Mr. Ohm about the issue. All the data is there so it shouldn't still be saying TBD.
  • DarrenTDarrenT Member Posts: 62

    @thetellesf I've been in the same boat for at least a week now for that 8/24 OhmHour. The usage for all the days to calculate the forecast have been there for well over a week, but until today it was TBD. Then today, my buddy got his points calculated for it and somehow they show my usage for the OhmHour identical to my forecast (red flag) and therefore awarded me no points. According to the points per kwh my buddy got my actual usage according to SCE's site, OhmConnect is shorting me 1502 points.

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