I flipped my breaker off for the last ohm hour and yet it shows i used 0.003 of energy. How is that?

For july 11, 2018 i flipped my breaker off 2 hours before ohm hour started and didnt cut them on until 5 mins after it ended yet it shows i used 0.003 of energy. How is that correct?


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @suzanna Ned, ask your utility whether there's any chance that your electric meter could be wired in such a way as to charge the power to run the meter (always running) to your account? Several other threads on this subject by the way.

  • apartida4apartida4 Member Posts: 1

    I had the same issue. It does not seem fair that your turn off the breaker and don't meet the goal. kind of discouraging

  • If you flip the electricity completely off look to see if your meter is going around. If it is not there is no reason whatsoever that you should not meet your goal. If you do not meet your goal somebody has some explaining to do, not you.

  • ldub53ldub53 Member Posts: 3

    My provider, (PG&E) did confirm there is a minimum amount of energy that will always be indicated since energy is still running the meter. No way to get 0 usage.

  • tinacee8tinacee8 Member Posts: 1
    I use to have the same issue until I realized that I had to shut off the breaker inside my home and also the main breaker outside by my meter. It still showed I had lil usage until I tried unplugging my fridge and washer/dryer and flipping off both breakers, making sure there was not one thing plugged in my home and that is when I started seeing my usage at 0. It worked for me, I didn't know that having my fridge and washer and dryer plugged even if I flipped both breakers, would still show usage but it does..I hope this helps! 😊
  • joePjoeP Huntington BeachMember Posts: 4

    I always get 0 shutting it off

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