How much money am I likely to save in this program?


I recently joined, but am being told that I need to unsubscribe from my power company’s discount program in order to participate. That’s reasonable, but now I need to figure out which one is going to save me the most money. My monthly bill is under $40, which is making me lean towards sticking with my current plan, since it takes less effort on my part. On the other hand, if I can save more with Ohm, I will do that. Given my current usage levels, can some give me a wild guess on possible savings? Pennies, dollars, hundreds?


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    The answer to that isn't as straight forward as "I get X from this program and Y from this program". What's nice about OhmConnect is if you're willing to put in a little more effort, you can get to the point of the proceeds completely covering your bill every month.

    I started using OhmConnect late August of last year, and outside of the summer months, have a pretty small forecast (~0.5kWh). By December of last year, the proceeds from OhmHours were covering half of my SCE bill every month (I was maximizing so my savings below my forecast was 95-98%). Fast forward to June / July of this year, I'm on a 67 streak, 99% saver (approaching 100% since I started just flipping my breakers), and the proceeds for June was ~$90 on a $53 SCE bill. For July, I'm already up to ~$119 on a bill to date of $74 over 6 OhmHours (haven't gotten my results yet from last night).

    So in my situation, yes, it's very much worth it, because I basically get paid to use my AC in the summer months. If you have a family and it's more difficult to just flip the breakers for an hour a handful of times every month, then it might not be worth it to you, especially in the beginning.

    Hope that gives you some perspective.

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    What company are you with? I asked if my provider, PGE, if one were on their "care" program, could they also do OC and was told (by OC) yes. Another program, in San Mateo for the local city program says no. I don't know if the program in my city, SF, allows OC as well. I'm not on any other program right now and have saved about $100 in 9 months. Also depends if you have gas, electric, solar...

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    @rebecca-rice-770 As @DarrenT pointed out, how much you will make isn't that simple.

    First off, you won't make a lot during your first 10 #OhmHours because you won't be getting a "streak" bonus. After that, you'll start to see your earnings go up every single #OhmHour.
    Second, it's up to you to do the most you can to save during that one hour. You want to aim for 0 usage to get the most from your forecast.
    Third, it's also up to you to target your electricity usage during the times you usually get an OhmHour. I target mine for 6-9pm every weekday. That's when I run dishwasher, laundry, vacuum, bake, etc. This increases your forecast, which increases how much you can save during an OhmHour.

    There are lots of ways to get more points ($) and after about 6 months you can be making pretty good money for every OhmHour. I have a low usage home - ~0.5 kWh on a normal day. With targeted energy use, I've increased my usage to almost 2 kWh.

    I've been with this program since 6-10-17. It started slow, but by sticking with it, I made $314 from June-Dec 2017, and $761 from Jan-July. The 2nd half of my year with OC is more than double the first half. You just need to stick with it to get to the larger payouts.

    If you decide to use OhmConnect instead of your utility's program, be sure to come back here to the forums to find out what others are doing to increase their earnings, both $$ and tokens. I didn't have that info when I started out, but if I did, my earnings would've been much better for the first 6 months.

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    just curious how big some systems are. MIne is 14 panels and on a good day I make just over 14 kWh with other days hovering around 10 and even on a rainy bleary day I make at least 1 kWh. For some people on this forum it seems systems are making hundreds of kWh power, must be a BIG system...

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    how is my last comment labeled abuse? My page shows I have two comments under abuse but this is the only one that comes up? What is abusive about wondering how many solar panels people have out there???

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    @jserramc Maybe they thought you accidentally put it on the wrong thread. I just clicked on Flag and the only options there are Spam and Abuse. The OP asked about how much money she might save if she chose OC over her utility program. Then you ask for a count of solar panels. Not really in keeping with her question, so I guess you could move it to a solar thread. Probably more likely to get an answer to your question in Solar anyway.

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    or looking at it another way, the amount of solar panels one has will directly affect the amount of money one may make...I sent a question about this abuse to Scott, still waiting for reply.

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    @jserramc If someone who hasn't made the decision to join OC asks for a rough estimate of how much they'll make, it might sound a little overwhelming to throw the solar use into the mix. You didn't say in your flagged post anything to suggest to the OP that they could make more money if they have solar. You just seemed to derail and not give any correlation between the size of your system and your earnings. That was my take on it, but whatever. I think most of us answered the OP's question and who knows if they even came back to read the comments.

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    As you can see from the above, if you're willing to flip breakers and totally power down your house, you can make a few hundred dollars. Base payouts are trending toward the 80 cents to one dollar per kilowatt hour reduction during your Ohm Hour. Streaks and high perecentage reductions give your multipliers.

    Platinum level gives you a 100% base bonus. A streak of forty gives you another 200%. So at your energy use, say a 0.5 KWh reduction, after forty events you'll make about $3 per event.

    You can beef that up by loading up usage in your target window.
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