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OhmHour Planner

Steve ESteve E Posts: 329Member, Moderator

There have been comments about the new OhmHour planner so I have started this thread for people to post their comments and feedback.


  • stormysbstormysb Posts: 68Member

    I will start :) I love the app and noticed it does not have a gaming console section, nor does it allow for multiple PC's. There was something else but can not think of it at the moment. ;) Great app though so far.

  • XdatineliaXdatinelia Posts: 45Member
    There's not a well section either, as that's the biggest draw on my energy, it makes the planner hard to use. We pretty much just turn off AC and dont run any water during an ohm hour and we do alright tho. I think the planner is more for people who use little electricity..
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