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Bronze status downgrade - SDG&E Reduce Your Use program interfering with Ohm Connect

BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 80Member
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I switched from RYU to Ohm Connect about 1.5 years ago and suddenly last week my Ohm Connect account said I need to disenroll from RYU. I was anticipating points from a recent mega ohm hour and instead my account showed Bronze status and negative points. I clicked the RYU disenroll button on ohm connect and contacted Support. Scott was kind enough to set my status back to Platinum and soon after I saw the reward points for the recent mega OH. All that was left was to correct my total points (with previous balance). Now, again today, it switched back to bronze as it was last week.

Assuming some issue on SDG&E's side, I contacted them several times to troubleshoot. By the third call, I finally talked to someone who will have a disenroll message sent to Ohm Connect and said she has heard of few instances of this recently. If anyone is having this issue, ask to be transferred to the RYU team.


  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 80Member

    If your SDGE account doesn't show RYU or the Unsubscribe option under the Alerts section, the SDG&E Energy Savings Center is the department that can fix this. Their number: 800 644-6133

  • SD ChipSD Chip Posts: 146Member

    @Bstring I also had the exact same issue as you in the last month. I received emails stating I was in a competing program. Both times I was reduced to bronze, and both times Scott changed me back to platinum. I have not been enroilled in RYU since 2015 when I signed up for this program. Not sure why SDG&E or OC think I am suddenly back on the RYU program??

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