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Not getting notice devices not turned back on after Breaker back on

Vicki TVicki T Posts: 84Member

I have been participating in the last 4-5 MEGA Ohmhours by turning off the breakers (including yesterdays 2 hour one in 90 degree temperatures. Usually when I switch the breaker back on everything that is connected via OC comes on and since I have and Alexa to operate a lot of the devices I have to wait until not only my router, but also my Wink hub come back online to be able to turn them off via voice command. Since the breaker is off they do not get any signal from OC that the OH is over and to restart, but for the first few MOH when something was not triggered to restart I would get a text or email notifying me that OC had not been able to turn those devices back on and I would do so manually. The last 2 MEGAs, however, my refrigerator and freezer have not been triggered and I was not notified. SInce they happened pretty late in the evening I did not go either on until morning and that is when I found my fridge had been off all night. I am wondering why I am not getting those notifications anymore

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  • Vicki TVicki T Posts: 84Member

    On any of them. Now, OC is not even turning my fridge or freezer off anymore. I am having to do it manually. It does not show any problems on the connection page.

  • @Vicki T Please make sure you tag me when you respond back to me by putting the @ before typing my user name (no space in between the @ and user name). I will not get notified of a response. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, I would suggest that you reach out to us on the Help page and select on "Contact Support". That would be the best option because the forum isn't designed for support help but rather discuss with the OhmConnect Community to get easier questions answered.

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