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New #OhmHour Planner

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Hello everyone! We just launched a new planner to help users understand how much energy their appliances can use so users can have a better plan on how to beat their forecast and overall, be more empowered with knowledge!

To get to the #OhmHour planner, visit the planner page. You'll see the planner like this:

Here, you can add appliances and electrical devices that you have in your home to get an approximate idea of about how much power these items will use in a given hour. Then, compare this to your Forecast at the top to plan out your #OhmHour. If you plan it right, you may even be able watch some TV during your #OhmHour!

Once you've done your planning, click "Count me in!". We'll award you 100 tokens if you do!

A couple of notes to remember:
-These are estimates, and not a guarantee that you'll beat your forecast.
-Appliances listed in the #OhmHour planner show average energy use. Exact energy use will vary for different makes and models that you might have in your home.
-We’ll show the forecast for your most recent upcoming #OhmHour, so you can plan for your home specifically
-Be sure to check appliances that have standby lights — they draw power even when the device is off!

I hope this gives you a better energy conscious perspective to help you understand how much energy your house can use even when it there isn't a OhmHour.

Have feedback? Let us know!


  • AduragkarAduragkar Posts: 1Member
    Really good addition to ohmconnect portal.
    I was looking for something like this to check my usage during ohm hours and mega ohm hours.
    I want to save as much energy as I can without feeling excessive heat of summer (when we turn off all devices including a.c. and fan)
  • @duragkar-anurag awesome to hear! :smile:

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