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Smart Plug did not turn back on after the end of the OhmHour

brickbrick Posts: 4Member

One hour after the end of today's OhmHour, I opened my refrigerator door and the light did not come on. I checked the smart plug with the app, and found that it was still turned off, and I had to turn the smart plug/fridge back on with the app. This was not a few minutes delay, it was more than an hour later. The router/modem was working.

This was not an issue today because I was home, and could notice the problem and manually turn on the smart plug, but if I had been gone, and all the food had spoiled, it would have cost more than any points I have earned.

How can I assure this never happens?

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  • brickbrick Posts: 4Member

    Thanks for the help. I will do that.

    BUT I am somewhat distressed that this has been a problem since 9 Feb 2018 and still has not been fixed.

    AND OhmConnect is still selling the TP Link.

    AND I contacted tech support and they had no clue.

    One fridge of spoiled food would cancel out the savings from an awful lot of OhmHours. That is not a good way to keep people feeling warm and fuzzy about the OhmConnect.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,616Member, Moderator

    I hear you but this is complicated.

    How do we know if the issue with OhmConnect and not with Netgear?

    My plugs look like they are working well currently as both Kasa and OC is reporting their correct status. Last week this wasnt the case and in Kasa some were saying they were configured for local control only but another page in the Kasa device settings showed them configured for remote control. I hadn't changed anything for months and the plug statuses were all over the map. This probably messed with what I was seeing on the OC connect page but where does the blame lie?

    If you put one of these on your fridge, you need to know it cannot be relied on and plan accordingly.
  • db8guindb8guin Posts: 2Member

    I have two smart plugs and for the last several weeks, the mini for my backyard refrigerator turns back on but the regular one connected to my garage freezer does not although they both automatically get turned back off :(

  • brickbrick Posts: 4Member

    Nice job trying to create doubt by blaming Netgear. BTW I have an ASUS router.

    But OhmConnect admitted blame with the email quoted from their tech support, that only came after several exchanges about this

    It's not the device that's not working. it's that sometimes our integration with the device is a bit spotty, and we're working to fix that. We are more than happy to correct your OhmHours if we don't turn off your device. We are working to correct this issue and we hope to have it fixed soon. Please let me know if you go over your forecast due to this in the future.
    --Scott from OhmConnect

    Yes, OhmConnect cannot be relied upon to manage the smart plugs properly. It would be a lot better if they were to advise users that they have a problem so they could prevent food spoilage in connected refrigerators/freezers. To me, this is a major flaw in their support.....

    Now that I have the failsafe suggested in this comment, it is not a big deal to me anymore. https://forum.ohmconnect.com/discussion/comment/11443#Comment_11443

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,616Member, Moderator

    Not trying to create doubt at all. That was actually a typo, I meant to say TP-Link.
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