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How are Mega Limits calculated?

I'm curious how the Mega Limits are calculated, as they aren't always the same, and I haven't seen an explanation of them. For numerous reasons killing the breaker is not an option I can or will use. I must therefore try to meet what seems like a frustratingly and arbitrarily low limit(divorced from any reasonable energy savings); often my limit is 0.021kwh. My DSL router, which must be left on so I can remotely verify my smart-plugs worked(they haven't always), the smart-plugs themselves, and my answering machine take this entire limit and leave zero wiggle room. I'm thinking of buying a $25 UPS to cover the router and answering machine, and putting that behind a smart-plug. This should get me ~8 watts of wiggle-room, but I suspect that Mega Limits might be based upon the lowest value seen which means my limit will drop to match my savings and I will have accomplished nothing but spending money. I'm also worried that if I move a few other devices to smart-plugs so that I don't have to remember to unplug them before I leave on OhmHour days, that the smart-plugs themselves will use enough to push me over the Mega: I might put a 40 watt device I sometimes forget to unplug on a smart-plug, only to have the 1 watt usage of the smart-plug push me over the Mega limit every time instead(so somewhat ironically, the ridiculously low mega hour limits are discouraging me from trying to make my home smarter for all Ohm Hours).


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    @nlacey The bonus target for MEGA #OhmHours is based of your prior usage over a period (I'm not sure what the timeframe used is), but unlike regular #OhmHours it DOES include prior #OhmHours in the calculation. From my understanding, the theory behind the target is that you have already showed the ability to reach this target by prior usage and during a MEGA #OhmHour you are expected to push the limits to achieve at least what you have previously shown you are capable of.

    I have just added several smart plugs to automate the process for #OhmHours and as of yet am not sure what my baseline usage is including the plugs. During the last MEGA #OhmHour yesterday I did several things that I don't normally do to try and offset the power consumption of the plugs.

    I unplugged my microwave and kettle in the kitchen.
    I unplugged an air humidifier that I normally leave on
    I turned off a ceiling fan that I usually left on for circulation (the theory being that my AC would only be off for an hour using the smart plugs to control it as opposed to being for how long I was out of the house when powering it on and off manually).

    I will check my usage shortly on my utility companies (SCE) website to see if they have published the data for yesterday (I have found it normally posts after 8 AM the following day)

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