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OhmConnect isn't processing utility usage data, now I've been downgraded to Bronze status

rmd234rmd234 Posts: 8Member

I've emailed OhmConnect about half a dozen times over almost 3 weeks now. Every time I
get the same form response about referring my problem to engineers.
OhmConnect stopped getting my usage data from PG&E back in late June. I contacted PG&E and they said I needed to reauthorize data-sharing. So I did. After a couple days, the PG&E site showed that my authorization was processed.
I checked and the connection showed up on the OhmConnect site. But still there was no new usage data on my account going back to 6/22.
Then I lost my Platinum status. And all the points I should've gotten during MegaOhmHours this summer.
Today I logged in to find that according to OhmConnect, my account still isn't connected to PG&E.

What gives? Why can't OhmConnect fix this? Or do me the courtesy of sending a personal response to my emails.
I probably have over $100 in points waiting for me. I've invested almost $300 in SmartPlugs to save money. But now OhmConnect is cheating me out of the points we earned by dutifully cutting our circuit breaker during every MegaOhmHour this summer.
I recommended OhmHour to all my friends over the past 2 years. Even gifted SmartPlugs to my family members. I'm about to tell them not to bother. It's a poorly run program with bug-ridden technology at best. At worst, it's a scam. No one's minding the store and there's nothing to gain from it. And you'll probably ignore and delete this post, just like you ignored and deleted my emails and voicemails.

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  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,616Member, Moderator
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    @Anh, OhmConnect is this something you can help with? There's a lot of truths here and the buggy software is a very valid concern. UNtil it's resolved OhmConnect will struggle to get mainstream acceptance.

    I believe @Bstring had a similar issue with SDG&E.
  • mkonakovmkonakov Posts: 3Member

    Is there similar issue with SCE? My usage data since 07/24 shows TBD. Nothing mentioned on Current Known Issues page, but SCE data status shows that 0% of users have data since 07/22.

  • @mkonakov we can look into that for you; please contact support so we can evaluate your profile.

  • rmd234rmd234 Posts: 8Member

    I've contacted support -- several times! And I spent an hour on the phone with PG&E. They say everything's working fine on their end.
    I've really appreciated and enjoyed reducing my energy use for OhmHour. I've invested a lot of time and energy (personal, not electrical) in this over the past year. But when things break and I don't get a response, it's hard to feel trust in what's otherwise a great program.
    I downloaded my usage data from PG&E. If I email it to someone at Ohm, can you update my account? Thanks.

  • @rmd234 we can't take the data from users; we have to receive from the utility company ourselves. the only time we can take the data is when the utility company gave us the wrong information.

  • rmd234rmd234 Posts: 8Member

    Please tell me why OhmConnect is not receiving my usage data, and why my connection to PG&E is still "Pending" after reconnecting my account 2 weeks ago. Thanks.

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