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Alternative Ohm Hours for Safety

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Hi OhmConnect team!

First off, allow me to say I LOVE OhmConnect. I wish it were available all across the U.S. and even worldwide. I have been participating since I moved to California, and I love that it not only helps the environment but urges me to catch up on other activities like reading and walking my dogs.

I would, however, like to ask Ohm Connect to visit/address the safety concerns of Ohm Connect participants who don't feel safe sitting in the dark and potentially offer alternative programs/hours. I realize that participation is completely voluntary, we may leave our homes, Ohm Connect is not responsible for any crime that may occur while participants are sitting at home in the dark, etc. Perhaps they could offer some other suggestions rather than turning everything off, more specific/customized recommendations for reductions in usage per home (for example, if you only turn off all but XX iights you will save this much).

Again, I know Ohm Connect is not responsible, participation is voluntary and the internet is a great resource for participants to do their own research. I am merely making the suggestion for those who may not be as familiar with electricity usage and want to participate, but don't have anywhere to go or don't feel comfortable sitting in the dark (or candlelight). Just an opportunity to think outside the box. :)

Thank you Ohm Connect!

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  • kcks1yahookcks1yahoo Posts: 2Member

    Those are great suggestions! I didn't realize I could choose the hours. Thank you!!

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    @kcks1yahoo most of the things with electric plugs in your house don't use much. The exceptions are things that get hot (toaster, microwave, incandescent light bulbs) and things that spin (the compressor in your AC and fridge, washer/dryer, fans, pumps, motors, etc).

    Also if you're in a house there's probably a smart meter on the side of it. You can read your current use, then unplug or turn off one of the things I mentioned, then read it again. Most smart meters cycle thru four or five screens of info and the screen with the smallest number is usually your current "snapshot" usage in watts or kilowatts.

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