Will I lose all my points if I don’t beat my forecast?

Hey, everyone! I unplugged everything in my house at 7:21pm. I totally forgot it was #OhmHour, and I’m nervous I won’t beat my forecast. I am on a streak of 24! Refrigerator/stove were plugged, washer AND dryer were running, and I vacuumed for about 5 minutes. Eeeek! I was also worried I would lose all my points that I haven’t cashed out yet. Thanks for your help!


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @bethanyherrera5, some things you failed to tell us:

    • What was the period of the OH. One hour starting at 7:00?
    • What was your forecast?
    • How much does your stove use? If unknown, is it induction-type or exposed resistance coil?
    • Did you turn off fridge at 7:21?
    • Is dryer gas or electric?
    • How many points do you have that your are concerned about losing "all"?
    • Have you purchased a streak shield with tokens? If not, was it just because you haven't had time to acquire sufficient tokens yet?
    • Do you have no smartplugs? If not, any reason?

    Certainly, if you fail to meet your forecast, and you have no shield, you will lose points, but the big loss is the streak. If you have over 1000 pts, you can still cash out before the new OH is tallied.

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