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So let me first just say I’m kinda new to this OhmConnect thing and still not sure I understand it. That being said. I have solar and so I’m wondering how do they calculate my usage. We just had a mega hour yesterday. I was extremely confident that I would easily achieve it and get the 500 points. I checked my solar app and it all looked great! A few minutes ago I got the results and I was considerably over the mega goal.

So how do they figure out my usage if I have solar? Thank you so much for your help!!


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    @hunterd1, OC does not figure out your usage -- your utility provides your actual net usage.

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    I just saw this, I haven't been on in a couple weeks. That said, sometimes the power company will provide an 'Estimated Usage' during an hour that they don't have actual data - such as the zigbee communication never got the data out. I had this happen to me, where I actually sent ~0.5kWh to the grid, but they estimated that I consumed 6.6kWh. Data from my Solar Edge Inverter and my WattNode consumption meter shows I didn't consume that much. I sent an e-mail to [email protected] They wanted me to wait for a couple more weeks to see if my PoCo (PG&E) corrects it. We're at a month in on Aug 17th (OhmEvent was on June 17th.) I sent another a follow-up on Monday and haven't heard back yet, but my understanding is they're take care of it.

    I expect it to be resolved, as others have indicated that they will resolve it eventually.

    Go online to your PoCo website, and you should be able to get the hourly data for that OhmHour.

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    According to a previous post, the baseline for a solar user is 2kW. Unfortunately I have been dealing with the lack of support with this issue for the past 5 months. All I hear is excuses.
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    Having the same lack of support issue for the last 3 months. Is anyone responding from CS re this issue? @samklee

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    In the absence of CS, I recommend setting your hours or willing participation with OhmConnect to be during times when the sun is not up. This way, you'll only be asked to participate during times when you're actually using energy.

    I'm someone who didn't have Solar when I signed up for OhmConnect, and transitioned. I too experienced some wonky numbers and didn't understand how calculations occurred for someone who could be giving back to the grid during participating hours. Knowing this, I decided that I didn't want to risk my streak and earnings to cloudy days, so I just changed my participation to when the sun is actually down. This way, I'll have peace of mind that we'll be okay. This also unfortunately meant that I probably didn't get as many invitations to participate in OhmHours since I'm limiting when I'm participating (in the evenings) when OhmHours are less frequent.

    But it's a give and take that I think it worth securing my streak & earnings. I hope this helps.

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