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Points and forecast adjusted AFTER points were awarded and cashed out

I got my results for MegaOHMhour and points awarded yesterday for a megaohm from August 20th. The base points were 892 plus 100% platinum and 250% streak for a total of 4514 points WITHOUT buddy points (this is my highest ever, it was a 2 hour mega OHM)
Today that exact same MegaOHM now shows 4133 INCLUDING 93 buddy points, so without buddy points it's only 4040 points, somehow 474 points just disappeared.
I noticed that the forecast also changed and the base points changed. Again, this is AFTER points and results had already been awarded, I had even cashed that money out via paypal but the points that were taken away were essentially taken from another 2 results that showed up today.
The only reason I noticed this was because the last 2 results I got were for 891 points and 446 points, this should have added up to 1337 plus 50 points from sharing on facebook from previous transfer and the 93 Buddy points that were awarded on the mega ohm should have totaled 1480 points, yet I only had 1006 points available, exactly 474 points missing.
My usage did not change or get updated, I turned off my breakers and only used 0.01 kWh which was shown in the original result and on this new updated result.
I've received no email, no notification, basically points were deducted for an ohm hour I had already cashed out.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Chat support basically just said that SCE sometimes updates usage, but as mentioned above I had no usage, it didn't change at all so no explanation as to why those points were taken.

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