Has anyone ever been disconnected from their utility account?

I have been an active member of Ohmconnect for about 3 months. I have Ohm automated smart plugs, participate in every hour and have been Platinum for weeks, consistently beating my forecast by huge margins. This morning I logged on and was Bronze status, missing points and found a message stating "Connect your utility account to reach Silver Status — you'll earn cash for saving energy during #OhmHours!"

Has this happened to anyone else? It's got to be a mistake.


  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @Wayne Bartlett
    Yes, happens too frequently to many users...most seem to be SCE and I think it's due to some process "improvements" they've made on the back end,
    When you authorized OhmConnect to access your green button data, which option did you select?

    This might help:

  • DarrenTDarrenT Member Posts: 62

    @Wayne Bartlett This happened to me over the weekend. I noticed a maintenance message on SCE's site that they were going to be making changes to the third part authorization system over the weekend. When I logged into OhmConnect, my status was Carbon (from Platinum) and my points were cut in half. I went through the reconnect process, which creates a new authorization on the SCE site, and after a couple days everything is back to normal (with the exception of one OhmHour which is still missing my streak bonus).

  • Wayne BartlettWayne Bartlett Member Posts: 6

    Thank you for your answers. I have SDG&E and it's the first time I've had any problems with OhmConnect. I contacted Ohm's customer service and I'm hoping they help me get everything back. I had a 16 hour streak and there's no reason any of it should've disappeared.

  • hayjude777hayjude777 Tehachapi Ca.Member Posts: 54
    Customer support is extremely lacking when it comes to helping.
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