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Disconnected smart plugs getting reconnected to OhmConnect without permission

I have four TP-Link HS105 smart plugs, two connected to OhmConnect and two not connected. The latter two are our internet access points and I only have them on smart plugs so I can schedule them to turn off at night.

Starting about a week ago, OhmConnect connected to these two plugs without my initiative or permission and caused them to be included in an OhmHour. This has been frustrating for people expecting to get online during these times. Each time, I go through the process of removing each of these devices from my account, however by the next OhmHour they've gotten connected again.

What's going on!


  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,558Member, Moderator

    @Moshav Stuart

    I've seen similar behavior as well. I have an energy monitoring device that I don't want toggled but I need to be able to toggle it manually myself when I'm not home as it can get into a funky state, requiring it be cycled.

    OC have had a few issues with devices and I think they are simply just automatically populating the list based on your Kasa logon credentials so each time they do it all devices get added back.

    The solution, until it's fixed by OC, is have a different Kasa logon for the plugs you don't want connected OR to remove the schedule they add that shuts off and turns on the plug...you'd need to do that for each and every OhmHour which is a bit of a pain.

  • matthew-ohmconnectmatthew-ohmconnect Posts: 1Member
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    I feel your pain! My fridge got turned off by OhmConnect (even after I had disconnected it earlier that day), but when I checked during the Ohm Hour, the device had re-appeared on my dashboard. Disconnecting devices doesn't "stick."

    I've talked with 3 (!) OhmConnect customer support agents about this, and they seem to not grasp the situation at hand.

    To add insult to injury, they don't support "deauthorizing," and changing my Kasa password didn't deauth either, so I ended up doing what @UkiwiS did, but just completely abandoned my first Kasa account that was linked with OhmConnect, reset all my plugs, and connected them to a new Kasa account (which I will never link with OhmConnect).

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