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I've seen somewhere that there are 7 different Ads or Hand-outs to Advertise OC to referrals?

Clean Skies!Clean Skies! SonomaPosts: 30Member

Can you tell me where they are?

Also, I personally don't particularly like the one Handout for Referrals that we can print from OC. Why not have the option of 3-4 different types of advertising based on upon different reasons for joining?

Clean Skies!


  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,473Member, Moderator
    @Clean Skies!

    On your dashboard, scroll down and click the "invite friends" button.

    I will delete the other thread
  • Clean Skies!Clean Skies! SonomaPosts: 30Member

    Thanks, UkiwiS, I do know about that " Invite Friends" Button. Thanks.

  • OHMsmartOHMsmart Posts: 1Member

    Clean Skies was trying to ask for different "LANDING PAGES" for the digital referrals.

    There should be info on urls of landing page styles.

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